ONLINE ORDERS without commissions

Give your customers the ability to order online - directly to you - without third-party aggregators



Present your dishes, with rich content, utilizing all the capabilities of the Digital Menu.

The customer simply and quickly chooses and sends his order
  • From the digital menu  the customer can easily compose his order, with the option of selecting individual ingredients for a personalized order
  • The customer can send his order either as a visitor (without registration) or as a permanent registered  customer, who will also enjoy extra bonuses
  • He can pay in cash upon delivery or with credit card upon ordering or delivery
  • Personalized comments for each dish
  • The same customer can declare multiple delivery addresses
  • Accurate service areas are defined with a detailed map layout
  • The minimum amount of the order is  set which may also depend on the service area
Simple and efficient order management
  • The order is displayed on a computer screen and on a portable device
  • An audible and / or visual signal is generated upon arrival of each new order
  • The order is printed on a (thermal) printer
  • Central management of store chains using various administrator roles
  • Interconnection capability to  Point Of Sales system (POS)
  • Easy change management by the business manager
  • Direct change capability of price and availability of dishes
  • Multiple menus (ideal for chains, hotels)
  • Presentation of special offers and today's special
  • Addition of fix charges to the order (eg plastic bag)
  • Working days and hours definition
  • turn on / off the delivery service when the store does not work (eg holidays)


Reduce the Cost

  • With direct ordering, the cost of the order is significantly reduced because you do not provide a commission on third-party aggregators
  • Cost is controlled and does not increase by increasing the number of orders.
  • Shifting as many and more loyal  customers as possible from third-party platforms to our direct ordering system.

Keep your Clients

  • The customers are yours. They are mostly in your neighborhood. They know you and they trust you.
  • The biggest asset of a business is its customers.
  • Keep your customers in your own direct ordering system.

Increase customer experience

  • A handy and efficient direct ordering system facilitates the customer and creates a pleasant transaction experience.
  • How many times do we prefer to communicate with text messages (SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc) than by phone? Especially young people. Give this capability to your customers!
  • Delivery ordering from the Internet will dominate over the next few years! This trend is also shown by the businesses data   using this service.

Raise your advertisers

  • Do not just focus on getting new customers. Save your existing customers with new facilities, personalized offers and stay in touch with them. Encourage them to use your direct ordering system.
  • Satisfied customers are the best ambassadors of your business. This means revenue. Customers returning to you are your key assets. Use direct relationships to further promote your business.

Create a strong Name of your business.

  • By increasing traffic to your direct ordering system or on your site, you will already have fulfilled a key goal of marketing: creating a strong name and recognition for your business. Instead of being just one of the many businesses on a platform, your business will have its own personality. It will present and highlight its own proposals.

Establish direct contact with your customers

  • Direct contact with your customers via the direct ordering system allows you to develop relationships with them. Consider about giving them something, as a "thank you", for a direct ordering. This will also attract new customers, as well as motivate existing, loyal customers to order online. The best practice is to apply a loyalty system to reward them.